G.N. Packaging

Contract Packing + Manufacture 
This branch of the company specialises in contract manufacture of various products and in particular excels where flexibility is required to overcome problems associated with small runs or difficult filling etc.
Wetwipes Secondhand Equipment Ringpull canister
DairyCarton Tapered Carton Animal Shampoo
Small-scale Pasteuriser Distillation Equipment process vessels

Wet-wipes for agricultural and other purposes

Varying from 40 up to 1000 sheets.

Secondhand Equipment

Stainless steel vessels, pasteurisers and many other items for farms and smallholdings.

Diaphragm or ring-pull top canisters

Filled with products varying from fish food to specialist milk powders

Flat or pre-erected dairy cartons

With capacities ranging from 250ml to 1 litre or more, with a range of labels offered.

Tapered cartons

Primarily for take-home beer packs, although new uses are regularly being found. 

 Animal Shampoo

Formulated to customer specification in quantites as small as 100 litres.

Small-scale pasteurisers

Up to 500 litres capacity, with adjustable temperature and data-logging facilities.

Distillation Equipment

Stainless steel vessels for the production of Essential Oils.

Stainless Steel Process Vessels

For the mixing of various products including pharmaceuticals, powders, high-melt wax etc.