Polly - Nottingham

Whenever we use Goat Nutrition, the customer service has always been outstanding! Everyone I have spoken to has been brilliant - if only you could be one of the companies we deal with on a weekly basis, life would be stress-free!

Adrien S - Sussex

I often worry about ordering from the internet!  The items I ordered were very reasonably priced, arrived very promptly and the products were well protected.  There was even a couple of cheese making recipes in the envelope!.

Veronica H - Llanddarog

I was very impressed with the milking machine I ordered - it works quickly and produces much more milk than we could ever get by hand.  The expert advice I got from G.N was very reassuring.  It has turned out to be a great success!

Brenda B

GN's milk powder has improved my bread making!  I will definitely be ordering some more and will be recommending it to my friends.

Mandy - Guernsey

We would not be without our twin milker from Goat Nutrition - the best buy ever!

Linda M - Guernsey

We are delighted with Goat Nutrition's Caprivite and Capritect.  It is obviously working as the judge at our local show described our goat as 'spotless' and she won the condition, presentation and handling awards!


Since ordering and installing our 150L GN pasteuriser, we have been delighted with how reliable and robust it is, with any questions answered promptly and expertly by Bruce & the team.

Don - Wee Isle Dairy - We won the Quality Food awards 2017 using a batch pasteuriser designed by GN.

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