Stainless Steel Bucket

  • £23.75

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This standard lightweight bucket is highly polished throughout and robust. It is manufactured from food-quality stainless steel.

Constructed in one piece, these buckets having no welded seams to ensure a crevice-free design with no unhygienic welded joints.

The bucket has an ergonomically designed handle constructed from 5mm stainless steel rod, to give maximum stability when being carried. It is ideally suited as a milking bucket or for the storage or transport of dairy goods or other food items etc. and should only be sterilised with boiling water to keep them clean and hygienic.

Our buckets comes in two sizes:

  • 6 Litre - it weighs almost 700g and is 9ins (225 mm) tall and 8.5ins (215 mm) in diameter.
  • 10 Litre - it weighs almost 1.3kg and is 9.75inc (245mm) tall and 11.5ins (293mm) in diameter.