Rubber Liners for Cow Milker (pack of 4)

  • $26.00

A pack of 4 rubber liners designed exclusively for our Cow Milking Machines.

It is recommended from a hygiene perspective that various items (and especially liners) are replaced every year to ensure minimum bacterial build-up in your milking equipment. These 'consumable' items are now kept in stock here at GN for the convenience of our Milking Machine customers and these liners are sold in a pack of 4.

Hole diameter 3.5cm x total length 29cm.

During a heavy milking regime, as a matter of routine, liners and pipework should be inspected daily to ensure that all components are in good condition.

When cleaning use only approved cleaning materials, dilute to the correct strength and do not leave in prolonged contact or deterioration will occur. Handle carefully to avoid accidential knocks against hard objects, such as wash-tanks, etc. Store liners away from heat and sunlight.

These liners should be replaced after 1,000 milkings.