Milk (Mastitis) Test Kit

  • $17.00

This mastitis detection kit comprises the following components: A segmented palette, a litre bottle of the special test solution and a 3ml measuring pipette.

It can be used for all types of animal milk.

The test is simple and instant - simply place roughly 3ml of milk from each quarter in the corresponding segment of the palette. Tilt the palette to pour off excess, using the line on the base as a guide.

Add 3 ml of the test solution to each section and swirl to mix. A negative result occurs when the liquidity of the mixture is unchanged.

For a weak positive, the mixture becomes somewhat viscous (cell count up to 1,500,000 per ml); a distinct 'mucus' appearance with a considerable increase in viscosity indicates up to 5,000,000 cells per ml.

If the mixture turns almost into a jelly and lumps develop, this indicates a strong positive result with over 5,000,000 cells per ml.