Heat Sealer - 200mm (8 inch)

Heat Sealer - 200mm

  • $46.00

The 200mm (8" inch) model is exceptional value, very robust with a hammered finish and is fitted with stainless steel side panels. It is powerful enough to seal 1000 gauge polythene and has an accurate timer control.

It is especially suited to the GN range of milk bags which are just 150mm (6" inch) wide.

CE Approved.

The Heat Sealer works on standard 230Volt 50Hz supply - it is NOT suitable for other voltages e.g. 110 Volt, 60Hz (for example the North American voltage, although it does work beautifully on this power supply if plugged into a suitable step-up transformer).

Spare elements and Teflon strips available.

Please note this heat sealer is not suitable for sealing cartons.