Delete Louse Powder

  • $12.00

Formulated from only the purest ingredients with added essential oils, Delete operates by providing an environment which is totally unacceptable to lice, ticks and other ecto-parasites!  It can also be used on rugs, coats and other areas where infestation occurs.

The active component - Citriodiol - in combination with Piperonal and Cedarwood oil give off a fragrance that is pleasing to humans but will cause any unwanted guests to depart from their host without delay!

Delete is a free-flowing powder containing no talc whatsoever, and is designed to be easily brushed out from the animal’s coat.

All ingredients are well established as being perfectly safe for direct application to all farm stock and pets. This product is licensed with the Health & Safety Executive (No: 8749) as approved under 'The Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 (as amended)'. 

Presented in either 250g or 1kg resealable pouch.  If you would like a larger quantity, please contact us.