Capritect Silver - Udder Cream with 1% Cetrimide

  • $10.00

Capritect Silver is a pure white soft cream containing 1% Cetrimide. It has been developed to be used in conjunction with your normal dairy hygiene protramme to assist in the prevention of the spread of disease-causing organisms.

Capritect Silver is an emollient, bland ointment and its regular use will help keep teats soft, supple and in good condition whilst assisting with the natural healing of cuts and abrasions. When used as directed, it imparts no unpleasant flavour to the milk.

It can be used externally on any part of the animal and as a bonus will help keep the milker's hands in good condition too!

The active ingredient - Cetrimide - has both antiseptic and detergent properties which have been incorporated into a rapidly absorbed vanishing cream.

Available in economic 500g polythene tubs.

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