Caprilac Milk Replacer

  • $42.00

Caprilac is the finest milk replacer for kids, containing high volume Skim Milk Powder to match natural goats’ milk as closely as possible.

No other product on the market today approaches it for quality, palatability or ease of mixing and it has remained the market leader in kid rearing for around 30 years!

The goat is renowned through the centuries for being the 'Universal Donor' and Caprilac also has a reputation for supplying all the necessary nutrition to successfully rear puppies, llamas, lambs, piglets, calves, wallabies, hedgehogs....

Caprilac mixes readily in warm or cold water to produce an easily digested milk free from sludge or precipitate, so is suitable for ad. lib. feeding regimes too.

Designed for rapid bone growth and muscle development, Caprilac has a full complement of eleven vitamins and minerals declared on every bag.

Kids reared on Caprilac will achieve excellent weight gains with freedom from scouring.

Full feeding instructions on label.


* Please note we can no longer supply this to the E.U