568ml (1 pint) plain white milk bags (Pack of 100)

Milk Bags - Plain White 1 Pint

  • $10.00

The most economical way of packaging milk, fruit and many other foodstuffs. These bags are freezer-grade, designed to hold 1 pint (568ml) and are completely unprinted, ready for own-name labelling.

Printed unpasteurised Cows and as well as 1 pint pasteurised Goats' Milk bags are also available.

The bags are constructed from food-grade virgin polymer and fully plasticised to maintain low temperature flexibility. This means that they do not become brittle and suffer from splits, even at -20ºC

They are available in self-seal 'gripper' packs of 100 for total hygiene and can be easily sealed with our inexpensive 8" (200mm) heat sealer.