Wet Wipes

These are produced in a large range of shapes and sizes, but perhaps our speciality is the 600 sheet Dairy Wipe that have taken the U.K. market by storm. They can be tailored to the exact requirements of individual suppliers or users but will usually contain lanolin and emollients. This ensures that udders and teats are kept smooth and supple and also gives excellent protection against soreness and chapping. In addition, they contain a combination of ethyl alcohol plus cetrimide and chlorhexidine to ensure maximum bactericidal activity and effective cleansing (Quat-free versions are also available). The wipes are large and robust, biodegradable and are presented in a handy popper-top bucket that is designed to keep the wipe awaiting use clean and in perfect condition. Even stronger non-biodegradeable blue wipes are also regularly manufactured here in Smarden. 

For additional economy, the wipes are available in refill twin-packs containing 2 pre-moistened rolls. Each roll is fitted into a heavy duty moisture-proof sachet that ensures no losses can occur in storage. The roll is simply removed from its sachet and placed in the bucket, the core removed and the central wipe threaded through the popper-top in the lid. The lid is replaced and the wipes are then ready for use. Full instructions are provided with every pack and all labelling is tailored to suit the customers exact requirements.

                                                                                                                                         Standard Udder Wipes


Scrub WipesWe also manufacture 160 sheet Wipes are packed in white hygienic containers fitted with a flip top which ensures the wipe awaiting is enclosed at all times. This means that there is no 'wicking' and drying out of the contents through capillary action or evaporation and the wipe awaiting use is kept free from dirt and dust. Containing high levels of alcohol, cetrimide and chlorhexidine, these bonded fibre wipes ensure that the milker is taking the best action possible to reduce chances of infection 

Of course these can be re-formulated to customers exact requirements.to a minimum. The Wipes are also available in other sheet sizes/formats and all types are usually presented in cases of 6.  Other wipes produced at G.N. include glass-cleaners, lint-free and virtually untearable wipes that are suitable for both Veterinary use and for Pet owners, wipes for cleaning plastics and hard surfaces, fly repellent tissues.  In fact if there is any application that merits the use of a wet-wipe, we can probably formulate a suitable product. Simply contact us with the type of wipe you require and we will try to offer a product that satisfies all of your needs.