Printed Beer Hoppers

Tapered Carton

Cartons will nest one inside another for optimum storage and can be overprinted or over-labelled to suit any application. The individual tapered hopper measures 9 inches (225mm) tall with a top cross-section of 3.5 inches (88mm) and are packed in cases of 100. Each case measures just 210 x 480 x 370mm (approx. 8" x 19" x 5"). A box will fit neatly under a counter or into a small space.

The hoppers are polythene sleeved in 20's within the case to ensure total hygiene in use, and each sleeve carries its own sealed pack of plastic closures.

Millions are used in pubs for take-home beer packs and as well as take out temporary food packaging there are many other applications such as horticultural or agricultural.

The provision of a special fold-over flap which can be secured in place by a small plastic closure makes for a novel, if not unique, presentation.

An environmentally responsible resource

The hoppers are manufactured from highest quality food-grade dairyboard so the producer and consumer can be confident that no foreign flavours will be transferred to the product.

The manufacturing process for paperboard cartons uses minimum raw material and energy, creating less waste.

The Hoppers are available in plain white and also in a one pint version.

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 Here we can see part of the process used in the manufacture of the Beer  Hoppers.

 This unique piece of machinery is sited here at our Smarden factory and can  produce well over two thousand Take-out Hoppers, every hour! 

 Cartons are stacked into the feed cartridge in the flat form and the finished  Beer Hoppers are collected, sleeved and packed into cases at the end of the  conveyor.