Process Vessels


Here is a recent model manufactured in Stainless Steel which carries a removable insulated jacket. It has a volume of 75 litres and is mounted on aprocessherb2 triangulated framework that is designed to allow the vessel to tilt by over 35o. This is effected by simply turning the side mounted handle and this enables complete drainage via 2 inch pipework. The vessel is equipped with a motor that drives off-set Teflon side-wall scraping blades. The motor is capable of ramping up or down with a maximum acceleration/deceleration time of up to 3 minutes and this can be easily programmed to suit.

The vessel also has a separate 2000 rpm homogeniser mounted adjacent to the stirrer motor for the production of creams etc. The high-shear head can be interchanged with differing mesh screens to create an emulsion with optimum stability and appearance.

Interlock switches on the lid prevent either stirrer from operating, should the lid be lifted and in this instance, the shut-off time is set to the minimum of under 1 second.


The jacket is heated with 3 x 3kWatt  single  phase elements that are rated as waterproof  to IP65. These are individually switched and the temperature is altered by an electronic controller, which switches the elements via a heavy duty contactor.


 A temperature probe is mounted within the jacket via a thin wall stainless 'finger'...

In addition a digital data logger with alarm is included and this measures the inner temperature of the contents of the vessel, using a probe in a second stainless finger.
 The data can be downloaded via the docking cradle into any PC, lap-top or i-Pad so that the temperature profiles can be stored for future reference... 

 ...and here is a 150 litre capacity multi-purpose vessel built to the highest specifications from 316 and 304 grade stainless steel which has a wide range of operational functions. It has a double jacket, the inner one for heating/cooling, whilst the outer jacket is packed with insulant.processvessel


Magnetic safety door locks ensure that all stirrer motors stop instantly as soon as entry flaps are opened and there is an emergency stop button fitted.

There are 4 thermostatted single-phase 3kW heating elements, each individually switched for optimum flexibility. The geared central motor operates a side-wall scraper: it has variable speed and the sprung blades are manufactured from Teflon.

In addition there is a standard high speed stirrer with twin propeller and a further 1.1kWatt motor fitted with a high shear emulsifying head. All 3 motors can be programmed to adjust ramp up and ramp down speeds and have their exact speeds shown on the display panel. A combined pH/mV/temperature probe is incorporated, with the probe seated in a removable stainless 'finger', complete with mesh end. It has been calibrated to measure temperatures normally in the range 0-100ºC as well as mV and pH measurements over the entire range 0-14. There is a USB terminal for computerised recording and programming which can then control stirrer speeds etc.



Finally, here is a 500 litre jacketted vessel under construction, being equipped with a corrugated stainless steel heating coil, fitted around the internal walls. The vessel was constructed in this manner because there was only a limited amount of electrical power available for heating, but plenty of readily available hot-water from a separate source. This scalding water was pumped around the coil to heat the water in the surrounding jacket, which subsequently heated the contents of the vessel. An additional insulation jacket was then fitted and some 3kWatt elements incorporated to make the final minimal heat adjustments.


Finance can be provided; please contact G.N. for further details.