Kefir Recipe



UHT (Long Life) milk may be used without boiling; all other kinds of milk should be heated to near boiling point (95ºC or 203ºF approx) in order to eliminate extraneous bacteria. Take one litre of milk, heat as above if appropriate, then cool to room temperature 20-22ºC, (68-72ºF). This temperature must not be exceeded.

Add the contents of the Kefir Sachet and stir well until dissolved. Pour into a container and seal tightly with a lid or clingfilm. Incubate at room temperature 20-22ºC, (68-72ºF) for 24 hours and then place in a refrigerator for 12 hours.

Kefir tastes best when served cooled.

Retain 3-4 tablespoonsful (45-60 mls) from each batch to act as a starter for the next production run (this is used in place of the Kefir culture). This re-culturing process can be repeated 10-15 times.





225 g (8 oz) smoked cods roe

1 teacup olive oil

112 g (4oz) wholemeal bread

1 clove of garlic, crushed

140 ml (5 fl oz) Kefir

1 medium sized onion, grated

1 tablespoon of chopped chives and parsley

salt and pepper

Soak the bread in the Kefir and leave for an hour. Put the cods roe into a large

bowl, add the garlic, onion and bread after draining off any excess Kefir. Finally

add the olive oil, chives, parsley and salt and peper to taste and mix together well.

Chill and serve with toasted bread and olives.


500 ml (1pint) Kefir

2 medium sized cucumbers

2 tablespoons chopped walnuts

2 cloves garlic

salt and pepper

Cut the cucumbers into thick slices, salt them and leave for half an hour. Put the

Kefir into a bowl, crush the garlic in a little salt and add to the Kefir. Mix in a little

pepper, drain the cucumber and mix into the Kefir adding salt and pepper to taste.

Cool the soup and serve with walnuts scattered over the surface.