Flat or Pre-erected Dairy Cartons

These cartons are used throughout the world and probably represent the best form of liquid packaging currently available today.

The cartons can be supplied in the flat form for customer processing or in the pre-erected base-sealed form. Pre-erected cartons are ideal for smaller runs, pilot runs or trial batches to determine customer acceptance etc. and can be supplied with plastic closures if required. Naturally the cartons can also be heat-sealed in the normal fashion and top-sealing equipment can be supplied. Freezer grade labels are also produced here and these can be hot-foil printed to suit each application.

  There are Tapered 1 pint and 2pint varieties too - please check them out!.

The pre-erected cartons score in many applications: for example, simple filling and re-sealable closing, coupled with an ability to withstand freezing. The absence of any 'imparted plastic taste' make them the chosen packaging for many applications (for example airplane or cruise usage) and the tapered variety nest one inside another for optimum storage and transport. Dairyboard cartons are ecologically preferred to other forms of liquid packaging and this advantage alone means that they are no longer the preserve of just cows milk. The range of products being packed into cartons includes detergent refills, soups, malt, honey - even sugar solutions for depilatory use! The list is growing daily - perhaps we can be of assistance in the launch of your new product.