End-Weld Polythene Bags

Bags manufactured by this system have the advantage of the best seal available: this seal can be shown to be significantly stronger than those formed using alternative (e.g. side weld) methods. This is why bags manufactured at G.N. Packaging are perfectly suited for applications such as packing liquids and purees etc. where seal integrity is paramount. For example, we produce millions of 1 pint sachets for cows, goats and sheep milk. Since the latter two items are usually stored frozen, the material used for the bags incorporates 4% EVA - a food grade plasticising additive that allows the bag material to remain flexible even at -20ºC. This ensures that the risk of puncturing the material during filling is kept to the absolute minimum with leakage of contents being exceptionally unusual in practice.The seal on the bags is normally stronger than the original material (heavy pressure from a flat rod will normally cause the polythene material to rupture rather than the end-weld!)

Widths upto 450mm (18 inches) can be accommodated with lengths varying from less than 40mm (1½ inches) right up to 600mm (24 inches) and with a film thickness of up to 600 gauge. Bags can be printed in up to 3 colours on to white opaque or transparent film options. Small runs as low as 10,000 are a speciality and we can also produce unwelded sleeves for special applications too.

These are examples of our current production runs of Milk Bags; all printed in three colours and on freezer-grade opaque white film. The plastic sachet is probably the cheapest form of packaging available for milk and other liquids. It has additional benefits, including minimum storage space requirement prior to use and similarly a very small disposal space requirement after the contents are consumed. The sachet can also be totally incinerated leaving negligible residue.

A simple hand held heat-sealer is all that is required to effect a hermetic waterproof seal after filling with product. These are available from G.N. Packaging in the following sizes:- 200mm (8 inches) and 400 mm (16 inches) and these can be supplied fitted with a cutter to remove surplus film. Please check on the equipment page on the Goat Nutrition Ltd. site.