Animal Shampoo

Animal  Shampoo -CaprigloWe have produced high quality shampoos for over 20 years. Our standard product has an attractive pearlescent appearance and contains a unique polymer conditioner which is anti-static and non-irritant; it does not however accumulate on the coat so does not produce any built-up stickiness, even after repeated washes. In addition, it now benefits from the inclusion of Tea Tree Oil, with its well established antiseptic, germicidal and insect repellent properties.
After shampooing, the coat should be left beautifully soft and manageable and will also benefit from a pleasant fragrance that helps keep flies and other parasites at bay. The inclusion of a lanolin derivative is most unusual for animal shampoos and it ensures that the unhealthy dryness so often encountered after washing with standard products is avoided. Instead, it leaves a healthy looking sheen on the coat and imparts a conditioning effect whilst giving the skin a protective barrier.
These shampoos are suitable for goats, horses, pets etc. and the examples outlined are presented in crystal clear 500 ml bottles although other sizes are available.

Another option is for us to supply in bulk and for the customer to fill at their end. Many tons of shampoo are supplied annually in this manner with the product being filled into a variety of pack sizes. These are mainly for the equine market, with our most popular variety having a delightful apple fragrance that becomes more pronounced during the warm-water rinse stage. The pet market is another area where our shampoos are being actively chosen in preference to the more basic products normally offered.

Contact us for your requirement of animal shampoos or other animal hygiene products and we will do our best to provide a service and product to suit every need.