Stainless Steel Strainer

  • $71.00

These strainers comprise a beautifully polished bowl complete with hanging hook, 2 perforated discs and a retaining clip. All components are manufactured from food grade high quality stainless steel that can be repeatedly sterilised without any risk of corrosion or attack.

The bowl has a nominal capacity of over 6 litres (~11 pints) with a top diameter of 324mm (12.75 inches). The base has a diameter of 124mm (almost 5 inches) which means that it fits our 10, 20 and 40 litre 'Dairythene' churns as well as our 5 litre Stainless steel churns.

The 2 strainer discs are manufactured from high grade stainless steel (not mesh) and perforated with 37 holes: these can be rotated to adjust the area available for straining. They are held in place by a heavy duty stainless clip that locates in a groove in the strainer base.

A standard 115mm (4.5 inch) filter paper is normally placed between the two discs prior to straining and the milk is then simply poured through. They are available separately, along with our larger sized filter papers.

*Each Strainer now comes with a free pack (of 100) 115mm (4.5 inch) filters