Set of Vanes for Mini Milker

  • £74.40
VAT Included

4 x graphite VANES suitable for all our Mini Milking machines

  • It is recommended by the manufacturer that the vanes are replaced every year. 
  • Dimensions 65mm x 45mm x 4.8mm
  • When installing a new set of vanes, ensure that the machine is unplugged. Remove the cover and take out old vanes. Clean the slots of any carbon or dust deposits using a clean, lint-free cloth. Check the slots and make sure there is no excess wear or pitting in the cylinder: this may result in loss of vacuum. Make sure the new vanes go in in exactly the same way as the old ones. There is a bevelled edge on one side of the vane which needs to be put in the right way. The vanes must move freely in the slots with no free play
  • Replace all four vanes at the same time