Caprotein - Protein Goat Feed concentrate

  • £35.99
VAT Included


  • An advanced blend of carefully selected feed components with added vitamins, designed for the home compounder
  • Contains additional vitamins A, D3 and E
  • Caprotein contains only high protein ingredients to give a final analysis of 28%. Ideal for letting down to the protein level of your choice
  • Caprotein should always be mixed with locally available cereals such as oats or barley to produces a complete, highly palatable dairy ration which is free from chemical additives, antibiotics, growth promoters or factory by-products
  • The addition of 50 kg of oats or barley to a 20 kg pack of Caprotein yields a superb ration of over 15% protein with long term acceptance assured
  • Protein levels can be tailored if necessary to suit each goat's individual requirements
  • Instructions provided