Caprilac Milk Replacer

  • $42.00

Caprilac is the FINEST MILK REPLACER FOR KIDS & contains high volume Skim Milk Powder to match natural goats’ milk as closely as possible

  • MARKET LEADER IN KID REARING FOR OVER 30 YEARS. No other product on the market today approaches it for quality, palatability or ease of mixing
  • Designed for rapid bone growth & muscle development
  • 11 vitamins & minerals in every bag
  • Kids will achieve excellent weight gain with freedom from scouring
  • The goat is renowned through the centuries for being the 'Universal Donor' and Caprilac has a reputation for supplying all the necessary nutrition to successfully rear puppies, llamas, lambs, piglets, calves, wallabies, hedgehogs....
  • Mixes readily in warm or cold water to produce an easily digested milk free from sludge or precipitate, so is suitable for ad. lib. feeding regimes
  • Feeding instruction on label


* Please note we can no longer supply this to the E.U