Anglo Nubian

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As the name suggests, Anglo Nubians originated from British and Middle Eastern stock. The breed is generally kept as a ‘milk’ goat, although some of the larger types are suitable for meat. The milk these goats produce is lovely, quite creamy and with a high butterfat content, typically about 5%. It’s hard for me to talk about milk without mentioning cheese, such is my addiction to it and Nubian milk is perfect for this. Now I’ve got Chevre stuck in my head...

They are very distinguishable goats, with big floppy ears and a big roman nose (although they’d probably say the same thing about me), and can have a quite a haughty look about them. They are can be very inquisitive and are often be quite vocal. They form close bonds with their owners and will regularly call out to them for a bit of love and attention. My partner’s the same to be honest and she can be inquisitive, is definitely very vocal and…..  no, I’d better stop there before I get myself into trouble.

Goats are very intelligent animals and even if you’ve kept them for years, they’ll still surprise you with the ingenious ways they manage to snaffle food when your back’s turned, or escape from a paddock that you think is more secure than Fort Knox. Anglo Nubians are one of the smartest breeds of goats going. They’ll be waiting on the bench ready to be milked , looking at their watches and tutting, if you are even a few minutes behind schedule.

As well as producing the most delicious milk and cheeses, Anglo Nubians are a good goat to go for if you just want a pet, simply because of their good nature and fondness for humans. I would always recommend keeping more than one goat if possible, as they are sociable herd animals and tend to get bored and lonely on their own.

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