Silicone Liner for Goat Milker

  • £15.49
VAT Included

SILICONE LINERS FOR GOAT MILKER MACHINE. It is recommended from a hygiene perspective that various items (and especially liners) are replaced every year to ensure minimum bacterial build-up in your milking equipment. These 'consumable' items are kept in stock here at GN for the convenience of our Milking Machine customers. These liners are sold individually, although we recommend the liners are replaced together.

Please note that there are 2 different sizes of liner. On the liner itself is a number - either 1250 or 1251. Please compare this to what is on your machine and let us know when ordering which size you require.

During a heavy milking regime, as a matter of routine, liners and pipework should be inspected daily to ensure that all components are in good condition.

For installation, line marks are provided on the liner and the cup and these should be aligned to prevent any twisting. When cleaning use only approved cleaning materials, dilute to the correct strength and do not leave in prolonged contact or deterioration will occur. Handle carefully to avoid accidental knocks against hard objects, such as wash-tanks, etc. Store liners away from heat and sunlight. 

These silicone liners should be replaced after 5,000 milking's or 1,650 hours of actual use. The liners should be replaced every year.

To assist when fitting the liners: First check that the lower hole in the cup is perfectly smooth and free from any splits or cracks. Then put washing-up liquid around the cup hole as lubricant, soak the liner in hot water to make it flexible and insert the liner fully into the cup so that the underside of the liner end touches the top of the cup. The end of the liner will now be poking through the hole: grip this end with pliers that have been padded with tape to stop any damage... and pull hard. This is probably easiest with two people and you should soon get the groove in the liner to slot into the hole in the cup. The washing-up liquid really helps.