Dairy Wipes & Refills

  • $36.00

DAIRY WIPES used as part of your dairy hygiene programme

  • Reduce the risk of chapped teats and prevent the transfer of mastitis
  • Specifically formulated for use in the dairy industry. The gentle moisturized cloths are simple to use in one quick wash’n’wipe operation
  • Contain both Cetrimide and Chlorhexidine for maximum bacterial strength
  • Unperfumed and contain added emollients which replace the natural oils that are removed when the cleaning operation takes place.  The conditioner helps prevent tautness and ensures a supple smooth surface to the skin
  • Low alcohol levels in the wipes ensure thorough sterile cleansing & do not cause the teats to become chilled because undue evaporation is occurring. This means that the teats do not shrink and so there is no possibility of 'overmilking' when the teat cups are fitted
  • Presented in a handy bucket & economical twin-pack refills.  For large pallet quantities, please enquire