Cream Separator - 90 litres per hour

  • $740.00

Great for small commercial users, this precision machine is used to separate the milk into low-fat milk (skimmed) and cream. This is best done immediately after milking, although if this isn't possible, warm the milk up to between 30-35°C first, before using separator.

This particular model is CE approved, of European origin and is 230V. The milk and cream outlets are made out of special, toughened, food-grade polycarbonate. The 10 litre bowl, top-section and discs are made out of anodised aluminium. Waterproof switching, to comply with IP66. Near silent motor, capable of processing up to 90 litres of milk an hour!

The machine can be adjusted to modify the thickness of the cream to the desired level. Can be fixed to a table or work surface and can be used in the home or dairy.