Cartons 250ml

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These 250ml cartons are perfect for storing milk and all dairy produce as well as soups, fruit, vegetable purees and many other food items. They can also be used as storage for many non-food items. They are equipped with a straw-hole facility too, making them an ideal container for all drinks.

The pure white 'Dairyboard’ 250ml carton come complete with plastic closures and are supplied in packs of 100.

They are waterproof and freezer-compatible and are supplied ready for filling and labelling. They are sealed by means of a plastic closure that slides across the top - the clips are supplied with every pack and are easily fitted by hand. For labelling, we suggest the freezer-grade variety be used to complete your final packaging presentation.

Please note that the clip is designed to act as a simple closure and does not effect an absolute seal. It does however offer an effective way of re-closing the carton when in use.

The cartons will tolerate light microwaving and once frozen, can have the 'gable tops' folded flat for optimum freezer storage, giving virtually zero wasted space. Since the 'Dairyboard' is opaque it minimises product deterioration and fading that is caused by UV light.

The manufacturing process for paperboard cartons uses minimum raw material and energy, creating less waste. Hoppers are responsibly and sustainably sourced and where facilities exist, can be also be recycled.