Our Story

Goat Nutrition Ltd is a family run business founded in 1981 by Bruce and Margaret Dolby.  Bruce was given a goat and not finding very much on the market and being a veterinary formulations chemist, set about researching and formulating goat feed, supplements and other animal products.  From there becoming reliable experts in dairying and cheesemaking, making GN the successful family business that it is today.  

Meet the team


Bruce is a Chartered Chemist and was a research and formulations chemist for many years, latterly working on a variety of veterinary applications, specialising in feed supplements. He had many years prior experience in pure research into essential oils and perfumery and also in formulating and developing industrial products such as cleaners, polishes, shampoos and detergents.



Margaret oversees production, co-ordinates invoicing and despatch and handles most of the company purchasing and advertising. Her previous background in banking and finance has proved invaluable in ensuring the smooth day to day running of the company.



Lynne is the latest member of the team and assists Ben with on-line sales, development and Social Media.


Bruce and Margaret have three grown up children and they are all involved with the company.


Ben trained for 4 years at Hadlow Agricultural College and is mainly involved in co-ordinating production and on-line sales. He offers his expertise in cheesemaking by assisting customers with enquiries.



Becky is trained in accountancy so naturally works in the office and is concerned with bookeeping and the smooth operation of the company's accounts.



Luke has now set up an American branch of the company operating out of New Jersey, specialising in supply of cheese and yogurt products (http://cheeseandyogurtmaking.com