Beer Hoppers - 2 Pint Carry-Out Carton with HANDLE!

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Sell more beer! 


These brand new cartons now come with a neat handle - great for carrying home from the pub or around a festival. Better still, this new carton removes the need for a plastic clip, making them more environmentally friendly. 

The Hoppers are great for Beer festivals, Fetes, Weddings, Galas - in fact anywhere where standard glasses fail to provide the perfect solution. No more stolen glasses - and no risk of broken glass either.

Because the Hoppers nest one inside the other, storage is not a problem as the outer carton is no taller than a crisp box.....whilst for the customer, it means that your favourite real ales can be now consumed back home without the worry of drinking and driving - the perfect way to end an evening out with friends.

The tapered Hoppers are attractively printed and will hold 2 pints of beer or lager, ready to take away. The cartons have a new handle design which sticks in place to ensure total hygiene and represent the perfect way to transport your beer home. Comes equipped with a tear away spout. Simply tear this off and pour - or drink directly from the carton.  And unlike many other forms liquid packaging, they impart no unpleasant taste to the product but leave its natural flavour unaffected. 

The Hoppers are waterproof, responsibly and sustainably sourced and where facilities exist, can be also be recycled. After use, they can be crumpled up to a minimal size.

Each case contains 100 x 2 pint Beer Hoppers. The Hoppers are hygienically bagged and nested in 5 sleeves of 20.

Please click the link below for a demonstration of how to use the carton.