Yogurt plus Kefir Culture combo

Yogurt plus Kefir Culture combo

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One of Each! One Yogurt Starter Culture and one Kefir Culture:


These sachets will enable yogurt makers to turn their milk into the unique Kefir so popular in Turkey and the Balkan countries!

Although similar to yogurt, Kefir will become a slightly alcoholic drink if the culture is allowed to continue beyond the ‘yogurt stage’. This is a mesophilic and fermented milk product: Kefir has a consistency of a 'drinking' yogurt and the curds are smaller than yogurt curds too, so they are even easier to digest.

Kefir is an almost lactose-free product and a recent study at Sheffield University found that people with I.B.S. (irritable bowel syndrome) who were taking Kefir had less severe symptoms and more pain-free days than the control group.

The culture has a long shelf life and full instructions are provided - as well as recipes that incorporate Kefir as an ingredient.

The preparation of Kefir is simplicity itself: UHT (long-life or sterilised) milk may be used without heating: all other milk (cows, goats' or sheep) should be heated first to 95°C (203°F) in order to eliminate extraneous bacteria.

Take 1 litre of milk, heat as above if appropriate and then cool to 22-24°C (68-72°F). This temperature should not be exceeded. Take a sachet of Kefir culture and add to the milk, stirring well until fully dissolved. Pour into a sterilised container and seal with cling film; then incubate for 24 hours at room temperature (20-22°C, 68-72°F) before placing in the refrigerator for 12 hours. Kefir tastes best when served cold.

Retain 3 or 4 tbps full (45 - 60ml) to act as the starter in the next production run, to be used in place of the Kefir starter culture. This re-culturing process can be repeated 10 - 15 times before a new sachet of culture is required.

Click for here for our Kefir instructions and sample recipes.


This freeze-dried starter culture is of excellent and consistent quality and with care should provide delicious yogurt, time after time. It is not a monoculture, but a carefully balanced blend of lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus, which has been developed to ensure optimum results.

The culture is supplied as a freeze-dried sachet which is simply stirred into 1 litre of fresh milk and then incubated by keeping at 42-44°C for 6-8 hours to produce the starter solution. This starter solution, when produced as above, should be stored in a suitable container and kept tightly covered in the refrigerator. Once prepared, the solution should not be frozen but simply kept refrigerated at all times - note that this is different to our cheese starter cultures, where the prepared starter solution is not affected by freezing.

The unopened yogurt starter sachets may be stored in the freezer and this will also extend their shelf life indefinitely.

For the actual yogurt production, the best method is to use pasteurised or sterilized milk, or if using raw milk then heat first to 95°C to kill off any unwanted bacteria and then cool. With the milk at 42-44°C add about 3% of the starter solution - i.e. 30 ml (or 2 tablespoonsful) per litre, stir and incubate at this temperature for 6-8 hours to produce thick creamy yogurt. After incubation, stir in whatever fruit or flavourings are desired and pour into suitable containers and refrigerate.

The 1 litre of solution produced from each sachet is enough for the production of over 30 batches of yogurt - how's that for economy! Full instructions are provided with every sachet and electric yogurt makers and yogurt pots are also available in our shop - please take a look.

And best of all, buying the 2 cultures together allows us to give you a discounted price - and discounted postage too! Full instructions are provided with every sachet.

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