pH Test Papers

pH Test Papers

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Each pack contains 100 test-paper strips to cover pH range 4.0 - 7.0.

Top quality, British-made (Johnson) test paper strips that cover the pH range most relevant to the production of cheeses and other dairy products. The strips are presented in a clear box, which carries a colour comparator chart.

They are extremely simple to use: a strip should be dipped into the test solution for 1-2 seconds, excess liquid allowed to drain off and the colour is then compared against the chart within 30-40 seconds. The colour produced will accurately indicate the pH of the solution.

Here is as a typical example of their use. When salting a cheese, the pH is directly related to the rate of salt absorption. More salt can be absorbed at a lower pH than at higher pH: however at a lower pH (<5.0), the body of the cheese is hard and brittle whilst at a higher pH (>5.6), the body remains elastic.