Kefir Culture

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These sachets will enable yogurt makers to turn their milk into the unique Kefir so popular in Turkey and the Balkan countries!

Although similar to yogurt, Kefir will become a slightly alcoholic drink if the culture is allowed to continue beyond the ‘yogurt stage’. This is a mesophilic and fermented milk product: Kefir has a consistency of a 'drinking' yogurt and the curds are smaller than yogurt curds too, so they are even easier to digest, producing an almost lactose-free product.

A recent study at Sheffield University found that people with I.B.S. (irritable bowel syndrome) who were taking Kefir had less severe symptoms and more pain-free days than the control group.

The culture has a long shelf life and full instructions are provided. Please click here  for the Kefir Instructions and Recipe.