Geotrichum Candidum Cheese Culture

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Geotrichum Candidum10 DCU. Recommended for Brie and Camembert. Will inoculate up to 500 liters of milk.

A key agent in the ripening of cheese, Geotrichum implants very rapidly onto the cheese surface (first) and has a synergistic effect on the implantation (with the yeasts) of Penicillium Candidum.

Use Geotrichum in conjunction with Penicillium Candidum: to reduce the cheese rind, increase the dosage of Geotrichum whilst decreasing the Penicillium Candidum. Also works with Bacterium Linens

Use of this culture reduces foreign mould growth and adjusts the pH to improve white mould growth.

Basic Use: Use 1/8-1/4 tsp. per 5 - 10 litres of Milk.

Directions: Incorporation in the milk accelerates the activity of the Geotrichum and the culture can be inoculated directly into milk. Freeze-dried Geotrichum must be re-activated (16 hours at +4ºC/39ºF) before use in a spray/mist or in the reserve mix in the ripening room.

Usage Levels:

Brie Type 2 doses / 1,000 litres of milk

Camembert Type 2 doses / 1,000 litres of milk

Ultra filter ed 1-2 doses / 1,000 litres of milk

Blue veined cheese - white mould 1-2 doses / 1,000 liters of milk

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