Cheese Mats (Pack of 5)

  • £5.50

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These cheese mats are presented in a pack of five and are 200mm (8") square. They are manufactured from high quality 'Dairythene', a Nylon type material that is designed exclusively for dairying and cheese production. The mats have an exceptionally long working life and can be sterilised repeatedly for total hygiene.

For cheesemaking, it is usual to place the cheese mat under the cheese mould to assist in the drainage of the whey from the curds. The mat will fit easily under e.g. the GN Cheese press and allows simple drainage whilst the pressing takes place.

The use of the matting allows the proper circulation of air around all parts of the cheese whilst keeping the cheese raised from the shelf so that moisture cannot accumulate.

The matting is also available in 1 metre wide rolls, sold by the linear metre: the wider material is used for lining shelves etc. when storing and maturing hard cheeses over prolonged periods. Please enquire with regard to this.