Cheese making Mould Kit - 13 Moulds plus 2 Cheese Mats

  • £41.99

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This kit represents really excellent value for money with no fewer than 13 moulds & 2 cheese mats for the cheesemaker to experiment with!

Cylinder Mould (1) 110mm dia x 110mm high - Camembert

Cylinder Mould (1) 60mm dia x 200mm high - Saint Mauré

Round Mould (1) 200mm dia x 100mm high - Roquefort, Tommé

Round Mould (1) 100mm dia + special curved follower Ht 70mm - Baby Gouda

Beaker Mould (1) 100mm dia x 100mm high - Soft cheese

Beaker Mould (1) 85mm dia x 70mm high - Soft cheese

Beaker Mould (1) 70mm dia x 40mm high - Soft cheese

Beaker Mould (1) 65mm dia x 55mm high - Soft cheese

Basket Mould (1) 150mm dia x 90mm high - Ricotta or Broussé

Heart Shaped (1) 100mm dia x 45mm high - Neufchatel

Square Mold (1) 100mm x 100mm x 100mm - Point L'Evêque

Square Pyramid (1) 60mm top 90mm base 80mm high - Valençay

Basket Mould (1) 115mm dia x 80mm high - Ricotta or Broussé

Cheese Mats (2) 200mm square

Please Note - the Mould Kit is pre-packed and we therefore cannot amend it in any way. We reserve the right in exceptional cases to replace one mould for another of equal quality and as close to the original size as possible.

The moulds and mats are easily sterilised for perfect hygiene and should be allowed to air-dry after washing.