Cheese Making Kit - Vegetarian Rennet, Culture, Cheesecloth and Thermometer

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The complete basic soft cheese kit.

Everything you need to make batch after batch of delicious soft cheese - capable of making over 30 batches!

  • Liquid vegetarian rennet - NOT tablets!
  • Comes with a sachet of cheese culture - for professional results every time!
  • Superior muslin cloth with oversewn edges - won't fray, longer lasting.
  • Pan clip thermometer with both °C and °F measurements.

The kit comprises the following items:

1 x 25ml bottle of industrial strength rennet, that should be added at a rate of 4 drops per gallon (4.5 litres) of milk to produce an excellent soft cheese. It may also be pre-diluted with a little cold boiled water (say a teaspoonful) to assist when dosing smaller quantities of milk - or simply stir vigorously whilst adding.

Please note that this kit is available with animal rennet and the shelf life of both types of rennet is a full 6 months when stored in a normal fridge.

1 x general purpose cheese culture. These cultures are designed to 'ripen' the milk and acidify it, so that the rennet can do its work, turning the milk into curds and whey.

To prolong the life of the culture, please store in the freezer. The culture is made up into a litre of solution and this solution is able to be deep frozen, so that it can be repeatedly used for dozens of batches! An instruction sheet is included.

1 x cheesecloth, measuring 24 inches (600mm) square for hanging up the curds and allowing the whey to fully drain. This cheesecloth has all 4 edges oversewn with overlocked stitching to ensure that it can be washed again and again without any fraying.

1 x pan clip thermometer.

A soft cheese recipe (using milk, rennet and cheese culture) is also included with the kit as well as a cheese starter solution leaflet. For a copy of our free cheese eBook with further recipes, instructions and handy tips, please add to basket!