Cheese Culture MA11

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Choozit MA11 - for professional results. Ideal for many harder cheeses, including Cheddar, Colby, Monterey Jack, Feta, Chevre and many other types.

A freeze-dried lactic starter culture for the direct vat inoculation (DVI Culture) of milk and milk bases. Contents 25 DCU.

This is a direct-set mesophilic culture i.e. one-time-use culture, that cannot be recultured (i.e. perpetuated beyond the single batch) that operates at room temperature.


Fresh cheese: Dose - 3.75-6.25 DCU/100 litres of milk

Emmental: Dose - 6.25 DCU/ 100 litres of milk

Tommé, Comte: Dose - 6.25 DCU /100 litres of milk

Raclette, Fontine: Dose - 6.25 DCU / 100 litres of milk

Saint Paulin: Dose - 6.25 DCU / 100 litres of milk

Tvarog: Dose - 4-6 DCU/ 100 litres of milk

Quark Type: Dose 4 - 6 DCU/ 100 litres of milk

Sour Cream: Dose 4 - 6DCU/ 100 litres of milk

The use of starter rotation is crucial for the control of phages and it is advisable to alternate between types when making cheese on a regular basis.

Composition: Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis,Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris, Carrier: Sucrose, Maltodextrins.

Storage: Store at <4ºC (39ºF)

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