Carton Top Sealer

  • $2,327.00

This is the GN Top-Sealer - a machine designed to effectively seal the top gable of standard 70mm square cross section dairyboard cartons.

This machine is beautifully constructed from aluminium and stainless steel with a heating element that has adjustable temperature control. The height of the heating/sealing section is fully adjustable and simply controlled by locking ratchet handles: this means it can raised or lowered to seal dairyboard cartons ranging in capacity from 250 ml right up to 2 pints (1.14 litres).

To see the top sealer in action... Click here

Cartons are pre-filled with product and are then successively lined up in the loading chute. They are then progressively slid along the track under the adjustable 230Volt 1kWatt electric heating element situated directly above: the heat preduced liquifies the polyboard surface on the inside of the gable top.

Finally the carton is slid further along the track and under the water-cooled jaws, where a single pull on the lever effects a watertight seal.

The water cooling ensures that the machine will cope with higher volumes of sealing requirements of small to medium sized dairying and food processing establishments.

We usually try to keep one of these machines in stock but please allow up to 28 days delivery.