Capriley Herbal Seed Mixture for Goats

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Capriley Herbal Seed Mixture for Goats - producing a sweet pasture with a wide range of heading dates.

Ideal for grazing or conservation

Contains a broad spectrum of grasses and herbs

Convenient 700g cannister to cover 20 sqm area or

Convenient 7kg 0.2 hectare (half acre) pack

Attracts Wildlife

Natural seed - not chemically treated


Trifolium Pratense L.Mervict - Red Clover 6.19%

Trifolium Repens L. Barblanca - White Clover 1.60%

Dactylis Glomeris Prairial - Cocksfoot 9.18%

Festuca Pratensis Cosmolite - Meadow Fescue 18.56%

Lolium Multiflorum L. Meribel - Italian Ryegrass 15.07%

Lolium Perenne L. Cancan - Perennial Ryegrass 21.25%

Lolium Perenne L. Premium - Perennial Ryegrass 9.08%

Phleum Pratense L. Erecta - Timothy 9.18%

Cichorium Intybus - Common Chicory 0.26%

Cynosurus Cristatus Southlands - Crested Dogstail 9.18%

Sanguisorba Minor - Salad Burnet 0.17%

Plantago Lanceclata - Ribwort Plantain 0.07%

Anthriscus Sylvestris - Cow Parsley 0.21%