1 Pint Milk Bottles & Tops

  • £14.99

All prices exclusive of VAT where applicable

One of the most popular methods of packaging milk, these 1 pint bottles have a square central section with rounded corners to simplify overlabelling. 

Bottles have intrinsically moulded handles to aid carrying and minimise space requirements.

The lids are tamper evident, incorporating a peel-off band to ensure product integrity. These lids also fit our 2 pint bottles. Lids supplied green - other colours available upon request.

These bottles are designed to fit snugly in all standard refrigerators and can be recycled where facilities permit.

2 pint bottles or also stocked, whilst 4 pint bottles are available upon request - please enquire for details.

If ordering more than 1 x 192 bottles please contact us for a shipping quote.