Cheese Culture Thermophilic B for Italian style cheeses

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Each sachet contains bacteria carefully selected for the optimum production of Italian type cheeses, such as Mozzarella, Romano, Parmigiano, Provalone and Grana (Reggiano).

Suggested dosage is 1/8 teaspoon per 4 - 5 litres milk (approx 1 gallon). Each sachet is good for 225 litres (nealy 50 gallons) of milk but please note that these quantities are approximate. Follow your recipe to ensure the correct dosage is used since the quantity of culture required can vary considerably.


Always open the sachet in a sterile manner and re-seal and replace in the freezer quickly to ensure minimum ingress of unwanted micro-organisms.

The starter, when added to milk 'ripens' it, making it ready for cheese production. When the starter is used in combination with rennet then the consistent production of cheese can be achieved, batch after batch!

Handling: Allow powder to come to room temperature prior to use. Add directly to the milk without any preliminary activation. Mix thoroughly to distribute culture evenly.

This freeze-dried culture contains a blend of selected bacteria to ensure consistent results:- Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus delbrueckii, subsp bulgaricus.

Culture characteristics: Optimum operating temperature: 37 to 45ºC (99 - 113F).

Gas production - Nil.

Salt tolerance - 2%.

Proteolysis ++.

Store unopened sachets in the fridge at between 4 - 7ºC (storage life 12 months) or frozen at -20ºC (storage life 18 months).

Certification: Non-GMO, BSE/TSE free, Food grade, Halal, Kosher.

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