Hoppers - 2 Pint White Disposable Cartons

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These versatile cartons can be used for anything from taking-home beer to storing food products. Popular with publicans and catering establishments, they are smart and easy to store as they nest inside one another, each case measures just 210 x 480 x 370mm (approx. 8" x 19" x 15").  

They are packed in boxes of 100 and a box will fit neatly under a counter or into a small storage space. They are popular at festivals, fetes, weddings or galas – in fact anywhere where standard glasses fail to provide the perfect solution. No more stolen glasses and no Heath & Safety risks with broken glass either!   Great for take-out food, soups, sauces, smoothies and any liquid that doesn’t have a high-alcohol volume.   They look fantastic labelled with your own logo or design for that individual look.

The individual tapered hopper measures 9 inches (225mm) tall with a top cross-section of 3.5 inches (88mm) and are packed in cases of 100 and the plastic sleeves within the box ensures total hygiene. A plastic clip secures the top of the carton (Please note that the clip is designed to act as a simple closure and does not effect an absolute seal at the top, so do ensure cartons are kept in an upright position). 

The hoppers are manufactured from highest quality food-grade dairyboard so the producer and consumer can be confident that no foreign flavours will be transferred to the product.

The manufacturing process for paperboard cartons uses minimum raw material and energy, creating less waste. These Hoppers are waterproof, responsibly and sustainably sourced and where facilities exist, can be also be recycled.  After use they can be flattened to minimise wastage volume.

They are also available in 1 pint capacity