Hoppers - 1 Pint Disposable Cartons

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VAT Included

1 pint (568ml) capacity tapered waterproof cartons x 150 per box.

Millions of these cartons are used in pubs for take-home beer packs and the hoppers are increasingly used for beer festivals and as temporary food packaging. There are many other applications too: examples include paint and polymer filling, milk (especially where plastic or glass alternatives are considered unacceptable), horticultural and agricultural applications including pest control in orchards, fields etc. and for filling economy pack sizes of products such as seafoods, honey, purées etc. for hotels and catering establishments.  They look fantastic labelled with your own logo or design for that individual look!

These cartons nest one inside another for optimum storage and can be over-labelled to suit any application. The individual tapered hopper measures 6 inches (150mm) tall with a top cross-section of 3.25 inches (84mm).

Each case measures just 210 x 480 x 370mm (approx. 8" x 19" x 15").  A box will fit neatly under a counter or into a small storage space.

The hoppers are polythene sleeved in 30's within the case to ensure total hygiene in use, and each sleeve carries its own sealed pack of plastic closures.

The provision of a special fold-over flap which can be secured in place by a small plastic closure makes for a novel, if not unique, presentation. Please note that the clip is designed to act as a simple closure and does not effect an absolute seal.

The hoppers are manufactured from highest quality food-grade dairyboard so the producer and consumer can be confident that no foreign flavours will be transferred to the product.

The manufacturing process for paperboard cartons uses minimum raw material and energy, creating less waste. Hoppers are waterproof, responsibly and sustainably sourced and where facilities exist, can be also be recycled.

The cartons are designed for milk, water, alcoholic drinks up to a maximum of 18% ethanol (beers, wines and sherry but not spirits) - and any similar food products. They are not designed to contain liquids that are in any way 'searching' - i.e. any aggressive chemicals or liquids that contain even small amounts of products such as glycols, essential oils, other alcohols, ketones, esters, oils, other solvents etc.
The fine plasticised film on the inside of the carton is basically designed for holding foodstuffs for a short period (say 10 days or so) and it cannot withstand any product that will permeate its waterproof barrier: this is why it is so important to perform trials with any product that falls outside of the normal spectrum.

*Also available in two pint capacity version.